Friday, June 29, 2007

Badass for hire (Denver)

I am a badass. It's tough being a badass for hire as my badassness should speak for itself. People are always asking me "Dave, you're such a badass, you should be making tons of money and living the life" and I'm like "I know". Because that's how resident badasses respond... we keep it concise, we keep it real.

You may be asking yourself - "Self, where could a badass like this fit into my organization?" and you would be correct, because this badass should be running your organization from home four hours a week and making three times as much money than you... that's what badasses do, we telecommute.

Now you may be asking where has this badass been for the last decade? Being a badass requires me to keep mobile. That's why I’ve had 7 jobs in 10 years. I'm flexible, I'm knowledgeable and I'm probably overqualified. Badasses have too much education, i've got an MBA and a BS from a state school, yes STATE, why should I have to leave town to prove myself when everything that can be taught in skool i've learned good.

Now that you're interested in what I have to say next, I have to leave, because in the history of badassness that's what we 'the badasses' do, we leave you hangin', itchin' for more, you could try to contact me, I might even respond, but don't whine when I don't - I've got badass things to do today.